12 Puppies and Us – 17 December 2020 – 17/12/2020 – Thursday – BBC Two

Series 1 Episode 6 of 6

In this final episode, Linus the Bedlington Terrier joins the Seymour family in Sussex. While the four children are delighted, mum Rebecca is nervous. Having given up a previous puppy because she couldn’t cope with it and discovering that Bedlingtons have a reputation for not backing down in a fight, she’s not sure if she has made the right decision.

In north London, Cookie the French Bulldog moves in with hairdresser Louise, personal trainer Phil and their two young boys. The family have high hopes she’ll fit in with their active lifestyle, but are thrown when she refuses to go out on walks. When even Phil’s personalised ‘puppy boot camp’ fails to get results, the family call in Louise for help.

And in West Yorkshire, Phoebe the cavapoo has now been with retirees Linda and Andrew for a month and shows no signs of slowing down. The couple have a short break to Harrogate planned but are concerned her unstoppable energy will make it impossible to enjoy. They are hoping her first walks will provide enough exercise and stimulation to calm the inexhaustible pup.

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About 12 Puppies and Us

We’ve always been a nation of dog lovers, but this year our infatuation has moved up a gear. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a boom in dog ownership as people look for the comfort and company of a pet at home. But with many of these owners getting puppies for the first time, there’s no end to the challenges that come with these sweet balls of fluff!

12 Puppies and Us charts the ups and downs of a dozen puppies and their families in those first crucial months together.

The series explores how the new arrivals develop, learn and adapt to their new worlds, as well as the profound effects they can have on the lives of their human owners. From unexpected loo breaks to first walks and sleepless nights, we follow both the delight and the mayhem a new puppy can bring. And on hand to offer our families expert advice when doggy difficulties get too much is dog behaviourist Louise Glazebrook.

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