Buffering 20 February 2023: “Green, Green Grass” (Season 2 Episode 4 ITV2)

On Monday February 20 2023 at 10:05 PM, ITV2 broadcasts the “Green, Green Grass” episode of “Buffering”.

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Green, Green Grass Season 2 Episode 4 Information

The gang is in the countryside to party with Watson, an old university friend of Iain’s who is known for his epic drinking sessions; however, when they arrive, they discover that it is a dinner party rather than an all-night rave. Even worse, Watson has given up alcohol and is talking about marathon training.

Airdate: 10:05 PM Monday 20 February 2023 on ITV2

Cast of Buffering Green, Green Grass

Main Cast
Iain Stirling as Iain
Elena Saurel as Olivia
Jessie Cave as Rosie
Janine Harouni as Thalia
Rosa Robson as Ashley
Paul G Raymond as Greg
Sean Sagar as Robbie
Steve Bugeja as Finn
Phil Fletcher as Larry the Lizard
Samantha Womack as Steph

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