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Fantasy Island February 20 2023: “#Happy” (S2E7 FOX)

On Monday February 20 2023 at 8:00 PM, FOX broadcasts the “#Happy” episode of “Fantasy Island”.

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#Happy Season 2 Episode 7 Information

Amber’s fantasy is to have her actual life be as perfect as it appears on social media; Roarke presents a guest with an envelope that reveals the date of his death.

Airdate: 8:00 PM Monday 20 February 2023 on FOX

Cast of Fantasy Island #Happy

Main Cast
Roselyn Sánchez as Elena Roarke
Kiara Barnes as Ruby Akuda
John Gabriel Rodriquez as Javier
Reggie Austin as Dan
Melinda Clarke as Amber Graham
Alexa Mansour as Helene
Stephen Friedrich as Isaiah
Cree Kawa as Trevor
Selah Austria as Ryeligh
Daniel Lugo as Segundo
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