Becoming Frida Kahlo 10 March 2023: “Making and Breaking Of” (Season 1 Episode 1 BBC Two)

On Friday March 10 2023 at 9:00 PM, BBC Two broadcasts the “Making and Breaking Of” episode of “Becoming Frida Kahlo”.

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Making and Breaking Of Season 1 Episode 1 Information

Frida’s rebellious schooldays are described by biographer Martha Zamora, in which she falls in with the boys and meets Diego Rivera, a superstar artist who will change her life. However, Frida’s dream of becoming a doctor is dashed in 1925 by a tragic accident. She channels her pain and uses it as a catalyst for her artistic career after being forced to live a life of pain and injury.

Airdate: 9:00 PM Friday 10 March 2023 on BBC Two

Cast of Becoming Frida Kahlo Making and Breaking Of

Main Cast

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