East New York March 12 2023: “There Goes the Neighborhood” (S1E15 CBS)

On Sunday March 12 2023 at 8:00 PM, CBS broadcasts the “There Goes the Neighborhood” episode of “East New York”.

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There Goes the Neighborhood Season 1 Episode 15 Information

Deputy Inspector Regina Haywood, the newly promoted boss of the 74th precinct in East New York, is determined to deploy creative methods to protect her beloved community with the help of her officers and detectives.

Airdate: 8:00 PM Sunday 12 March 2023 on CBS

Cast of East New York There Goes the Neighborhood

Main Cast
Amanda Warren (Deputy Inspector Regina Haywood)
Jimmy Smits (Chief John Suarez)
Ruben Santiago-Hudson (Officer Marvin Sandeford)
Kevin Rankin (Detective Tommy Killian)
Richard Kind (Captain Stan Yenko)
Elizabeth Rodriguez (Detective Crystal Morales)
Olivia Luccardi (Officer Brandy Quinlan)
Lavel Schley (Officer Andre Bentley)
Darien Sills-Evans (Deputy Mayor Raymond Sharpe)
Caitlin Mehner (Corinne Moynahan)
Kelly Hu (Allison Cha)
Donovan Christie Jr. (Sean Dryden)
Natalie Gold (Dr. Faith Sorenson)
Scott Cohen (Adam Lustig)
Adrian Pasdar (Bobby Azeroff)
Regina Taylor (Councilwoman Ayers)
Albert Jones (Byron Rice)
De'Adre Aziza (Bettina Powell)
Elizabeth Singh (Officer Leila Aziz)
Debi Mazar (Ann-Marie Quinlan)
Todd Cerveris (Jake Bissonette)
Beau Thom (Officer Fenster)
Levon Panek (Nelson)
Jhulenty Delossantos (Louis Ochoa)

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