60 Minutes August 7 2022: Death in Training, An Island Off An Island, Flying Blind

60 Minutes August 7 2022: Death in Training, An Island Off An Island, Flying Blind 14On Sunday August 7 2022, CBS broadcasts an episode of 60 Minutes featuring three stories – Death in Training, An Island Off An Island and Flying Blind.

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Death in Training

Lesley Stahl investigates accidents during training involving military armored vehicles. 60 MINUTES found that in recent years, more servicemembers were killed in training accidents than in combat, and a large percentage of those accidents involved military vehicles: from Humvees to light armored vehicles to AAVs. Stahl reports on the causes and potential solutions. She speaks with parents who lost children in such accidents, a soldier who lost a limb in a rollover, and a company trying to prevent these incidents from happening. Shachar Bar-On is the producer.

An Island Off An Island

Jon Wertheim ventures to a 90-square mile jewel of land off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Fogo Island’s population was decimated when its one and only industry, cod fishing, went into steep decline. Now, an eighth-generation Fogo Islander has returned home with deep pockets and a plan to bring the place and its people back. Nathalie Sommer and Kaylee Tully are the producers.

Flying Blind

Even the most competitive skiers see Montana’s Big Couloir as among the most challenging runs in the country. But for Jacob Smith, who at 15 is the only blind competitive free rider in the country, it was an almost inconceivable feat. After undergoing four major surgeries for a brain tumor starting when he was just 8 years old, Jacob did the legendary run three years ago. Sharyn Alfonsi profiles Smith, who competes for the Big Sky freeride team today, and skis by tapping into his other senses and his memory of the mountain before he went blind. Sarah Koch is the producer.

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