60 Minutes July 3 2022 7PM: Ingenuity & Perseverance, Dynamic Robots, eVTOLs

60 Minutes July 3 2022 7PM: Ingenuity & Perseverance, Dynamic Robots, eVTOLs 14On Sunday July 3 2022 at 7PM ET, CBS broadcasts an episode of 60 Minutes titled “60 Minutes Presents: Looking Toward the Future” featuring three stories – Ingenuity and Perseverance, Dynamic Robots and eVTOLs.

At 8PM ET, CBS broadcasts a second episode of 60 Minutes titled 60 Minutes Presents: The Ritchie Boys.

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Ingenuity and Perseverance

Anderson Cooper goes inside the dramatic missions to Mars by the tiny helicopter Ingenuity and the rover Perseverance. Andy Court is the producer.

Dynamic Robots

Robotic engineers have made great leaps and strides – literally – in their attempts to make robots that can move like humans and animals. Anderson Cooper gets rare access to the Boston Dynamics workshop where some of the cutting-edge machines are being developed. Nichole Marks is the producer.


60 MINUTES’ Anderson Cooper takes a look at what could be the next big thing in transportation: eVTOLs (electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft). Companies all around the world are spending billions of dollars to make these battery-powered vehicles and build an entire air taxi industry, promising a faster, safer and greener mode of transportation. Sound too good to be true? Cooper went for a ride to find out. Nichole Marks is the producer.

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