60 Minutes July 24 2022: Reality Winner, Array of Hope, Laurie Anderson

60 Minutes July 24 2022: Reality Winner, Array of Hope, Laurie Anderson 7On Sunday July 24 2022, CBS broadcasts a new episode of 60 Minutes featuring three updated stories – Reality Winner, Array of Hope, Laurie Anderson.

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Reality Winner

In her first TV interview since her release from prison, Reality Winner, a former NSA linguist, tells Scott Pelley she was doing her duty to the American people when she gave the media classified information about Russian hacking of the 2016 election. Henry Schuster and Sarah Turcotte are the producers.

Array of Hope

The Bahamas, still recovering from rare category five hurricanes scientists blame on climate change, are embracing solar power and can set an example for the world, says the islands’ government. Bill Whitaker reports. Rome Hartman is the producer.

Laurie Anderson

60 MINUTES’ Anderson Cooper profiles artist Laurie Anderson, one of America’s most unusual – and visionary – creative pioneers. There is little Anderson hasn’t done over a genre-blurring five-decade career as a performance artist, composer, filmmaker, electronics whiz and, first and foremost, storyteller. She has won a GRAMMY for an album about Hurricane Sandy, served as the first official artist in residence for NASA, and still today at 75 remains uncategorizable and busy as ever. 60 MINUTES catches up with Anderson as her largest-ever U.S. exhibition is on display at the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C. Michael Gavshon is the producer.

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