60 Minutes October 9 2022: Taiwan, After Ian, Church and State

60 Minutes October 9 2022: Taiwan, After Ian, Church and State 10On Sunday October 9 2022, CBS broadcasts a new episode of 60 Minutes.

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As tensions keep rising between the U.S. and China over Taiwan, 60 MINUTES’ Lesley Stahl travels to the island – a progressive, thriving democracy – to see how people on the ground are reacting and preparing for the possibility of a Chinese invasion. Shachar Bar-On and Jacqueline Williams are the producers.

After Ian

60 MINUTES spans the affected coastline of southwestern Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Correspondent Bill Whitaker and his team return to Sanibel Island with a family to discover what happened to their home and visit America’s first sustainably designed, hurricane-proofed, solar-powered town, which suffered almost no damage after a direct hit from the category four storm. Graham Messick and Marc Lieberman are the producers.

Church and State

As the Southern Baptist Convention finds itself at the center of a sexual abuse scandal under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department, 60 MINUTES’ Anderson Cooper meets the convention’s newly elected president, Bart Barber, who was tapped in June to lead the largest evangelical institution in America. A small-town Texas pastor, Barber speaks with Cooper about the sex abuse scandal, his faith and what he hopes evangelicals will keep in mind during the upcoming midterm elections. Sarah Koch and Chrissy Jones are the producers.

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