Ainsley’s Food We Love “Granny Knows Best” 19 June 2022: Season 2 Episode 1 on ITV

Ainsley's Food We Love "Granny Knows Best" 19 June 2022: Season 2 Episode 1 on ITV 11

Ainsley Harriot is back to create delectable recipes and converse with famous guests about their favourite meals. He recreates a soothing Irish stew created by his friend’s grandmother in the first episode, and is joined by colleague chef Brian Turner and EastEnders star Jessica Plummer.

About Ainsley’s Food We Love

Chef Ainsley Harriott is back on our screens to delight us with the family favourites we’ve forgotten mean so much.

Now, more than ever, the nation has been rediscovering the joy of cooking and eating as a family. Who would have thought there would be queues for flour and yeast? From his studio kitchen Ainsley will be creating delicious dishes that have been a real highlight of the last few months. Whether it’s the simple pleasure of eating alone, cooking for children, or rustling up something special for the community, we’ve all had the time to look again at our favourite recipes; to play around with a beloved ingredient and to value food as a way to cheer, commiserate and celebrate.

Anchored by Ainsley in the studio, the 10 x 60’ ITV series will feature breakfast, lunch and dinner suggestions, as well as snacks and sweet treats. It could be a dish we don’t see much of anymore, or one that is frequently on dining tables up and down the land: it’s just waiting for the Ainsley twist! Additionally, Ainsley will reach out to his top chef mates across the country, who will be creating delicious meals in their own kitchens.

Plus, Ainsley will be joined by very special guests who will reminisce about their favourite meals and foodie treats, talk about what food means to them, and share a recipe that Ainsley will cook in the studio with them.

This show is broadcast on ITV.

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