All American: Homecoming Season 3 Episode 2 Level Up Airs July 15 2024 on PIX

Get ready for an engaging episode of “All American: Homecoming” with Season 3, Episode 2 titled “Level Up,” airing at 9:00 PM on Monday, 15 July 2024, on PIX. The series continues to explore the lives of young athletes at a prestigious historically Black university, with this episode focusing on pivotal personal and political developments.

Simone takes the lead in organizing a voter registration drive for PKZ, but her choice of partner surprises everyone. As tensions rise and alliances shift, viewers can expect to see how Simone navigates through challenges both within and outside her circle.

Meanwhile, JR opens up to Keisha about personal struggles, highlighting deeper emotional layers among the characters. This subplot promises to add depth to JR’s character development and shed light on issues that resonate beyond the university campus.

Additionally, Cam faces concerns from Gabi regarding JR, hinting at potential conflicts that could impact their relationships and futures. The episode blends personal growth, political activism, and relational dynamics to deliver a compelling narrative that reflects contemporary youth experiences.

Tune in to PIX at 9:00 PM for “All American: Homecoming” as it continues to explore themes of identity, ambition, and community against the backdrop of college life, promising an episode that engages both heart and mind.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Monday 15 July 2024 on PIX

All American: Homecoming Level Up Cast – Season 3 Episode 2

Main Cast
Rhoyle Ivy King as Nathaniel Hardin
Peyton Alex Smith as Damon
Geffri Hightower as Simone Hicks
Cory Hardrict as Marcus Turner
Camille Hyde as Thea
Netta Walker as Keisha
Mitchell Edwards as Cam Watkin
Sylvester Powell as JR
Kelly Jenrette as Amara Patterson
Robert Bailey Jr. as Ralph Wells
Leonard Roberts as Zeke Allen
Tamberla Perry as Keena Sims
John Marshall Jones as Leonard Shaw
Derek Rivera as Santiago Reyes

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