Ambulance 1 September 2022: Series 9 Episode 4 on BBC One

Ambulance 1 September 2022: Series 9 Episode 4 on BBC One 11

This series follows the North East Ambulance Service as its crews struggle to care for a population of over 2.7 million despite being the least well resourced in England.

As crews begin to book on for the start of the busy weekend shift, a 999 call is received for a patient who has jumped off a bridge. Crewmates Joe and Hayley are the closest available resource and are immediately dispatched to the scene. On arrival, the patient is confirmed as dead. The crew leave the scene with a heavy heart, with Hayley lamenting that some people they encounter are past the point of help.

Meanwhile, crewmates Shumel and Perry respond to an emergency call regarding an 88-year-old male with lower back pain. The patient is being cared for by his wife, who admits she is struggling to cope with his care on her own. While the crew carry out their observations, the patient recalls an adventurous life in the merchant navy, travelling the world, but he admits to the crew that his favourite place of all is home.

In the Walker district, Joe and Hayley answer a category 1 call concerning a baby who is not responding. In the last hour, control have received another 180 new calls, including four category 1 emergencies. As a result, while heading back to base for their break, Joe and Hayley are auto-dispatched to another category 1 call. Overwhelmed, they pull over and take a moment to process what has been a very difficult shift for them and to talk about the support they need from each other.

At the start of a new day, the crews are back on duty for another 12-hour shift. Crewmates Rachel and Anika are dispatched to a frequent caller who has already rung in five times today. En route, the patient calls to cancel the ambulance, so the crew are stood down. Meanwhile, Joe and Hayley are dispatched to their first patient of the day, a 100-year-old woman who has fallen. Shumel and Perry deal with a call regarding a woman who is 21 weeks pregnant and having abdominal pain. They find her in agony on the floor. She has previously lost a child through miscarriage, and the crew fear for the worst.

About Ambulance

An unprecedented insight into the ambulance service, from the highly-pressurised control room to the crews on the streets. This is an honest 360-degree snapshot of the ambulance service’s daily dilemmas and pressures.

This show is broadcast on BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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