Ambulance 20 October 2022: Series 10 Episode 2 on BBC One

Ambulance 20 October 2022: Series 10 Episode 2 on BBC One 11

It’s a frosty start to the day shift as crews clock on across the north east. In Wallsend, crewmates Iqra and Chris are dispatched to their first patient of the day, a 19-year-old homeless female with leg pain. As they carry out their observations, the patient shares the story of how she came to be living on the streets at such a young age.

Halfway through the shift, an urgent call is received for an elderly patient who has had a fall at home and can be heard shouting through the walls for help. Josie and Emma are dispatched, but with the patient unable to make it to the front door, they must request assistance from a locksmith to gain access to the property. Once they are inside, the patient confides in Emma about the difficulties she faces caring for her husband, who has dementia.

Back in control, an emergency call is received regarding a female patient who has attempted suicide after receiving an inflated council tax bill that she can’t afford to pay. Before transporting the patient to the nearest hospital to be assessed by the crisis team, Chris provides some words of reassurance to the patient’s partner, who is devastated by what has happened. Then, as the next shift begins, Josie and Emma attend to a 90-year-old woman who has taken an intentional overdose. The patient explains that she did it because she doesn’t want to go into a care home.

Call handler Faye has been on shift for an hour when she takes a frantic call about a child patient who has had a seizure and fallen down the stairs. Faye manages to keep her calm throughout, but she later becomes overwhelmed and upset as she debriefs with colleagues, relating the call back to the tragic death of a family member.

About Ambulance

An unprecedented insight into the ambulance service, from the highly-pressurised control room to the crews on the streets. This is an honest 360-degree snapshot of the ambulance service’s daily dilemmas and pressures.

This show is broadcast on BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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