Ambulance 6 October 2022: Series 9 Episode 6 on BBC One

Ambulance 6 October 2022: Series 9 Episode 6 on BBC One 11

It’s the start of another day shift for the North East Ambulance Service. Working out of Blucher station today are crewmates and partners Keigheley and Georgina. Also on shift are crewmates Paula and Phil, who are dispatched to a suicidal patient struggling to cope following a recent break-up. After spending almost forty minutes on scene, Paula and Phil take the patient to hospital, but things take a worrying turn as the patient starts showing signs of hallucinations and erratic behaviour, forcing them to pull over.

Five hours into the shift, an emergency call is received for a female patient suffering from a suspected stroke. Keigheley and Georgina are immediately dispatched, and they find the patient very confused, suffering with speech difficulties. They quickly decide to take her to hospital for urgent treatment.

The next day, the crews are back on duty once again. In control, call handler Olivia takes an emergency call for a patient struggling to breathe. As Olivia tries to arrange the best care for the patient, the caller becomes aggressive and threatens to make a formal complaint against her. It all becomes too much for Olivia, who is so upset by the interaction that she needs to take a few minutes away from her desk.

Keigheley and Georgina are dispatched to their first patient of the shift, an elderly female having difficulty breathing. On the way to hospital, the patient talks about her marriage of 62 years to her late husband, sharing her strong opinions on modern love and commitment, before pointedly asking Keigheley whether she has a boyfriend. Keigheley reflects that she never knows how the older generation will respond if she tells them that Georgina is her fiancée.

In control, a new call is being received every 18 seconds. Paula and Phil are sent to an 84-year-old female who is short of breath. She has dementia and is frightened to go to hospital, so the crew decide it’s best if her husband travels with her. Seeing the couple’s continuing love and dedication to one another leads Paula to reflect on her own experience of marriage. She and Phil are then quickly dispatched to an elderly woman who has fallen at home but luckily has been discovered by a passer-by. On arrival, the crew find that it was the patient’s dog who raised the alarm by running into the street to find help for its owner.

About Ambulance

An unprecedented insight into the ambulance service, from the highly-pressurised control room to the crews on the streets. This is an honest 360-degree snapshot of the ambulance service’s daily dilemmas and pressures.

This show is broadcast on BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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