Bad Chefs 30 September 2022: Episode 5 on ITV2

Bad Chefs 30 September 2022: Episode 5 on ITV2 11The chaos in the kitchen continues as guest chef Katie Pix tries to teach the group how to cook a takeaway classic, while two more contestants compete in the head-to-head challenge.

About Bad Chefs

In the ultimate recipe for disaster, this brand new reality show will challenge ten takeaway addicts to ditch the delivery apps and swap convenience food for culinary flare as they learn to cook for the very first time.

As the takeaway obsessives live and cook together, YouTube sensation Chunkz will oversee the potential kitchen commotion in a cooking competition like no other.

Faced with daily challenges, the rookie chefs will have to learn fast to avoid eviction and stay in the competition. Can they hold their nerve in the kitchen and resist the craving for delivery apps?

This show is broadcast on ITV2.

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