Bad Love: Why Did Fri Kill Kyle? 19 June 2022: Sunday on BBC Three

Big Proud Party Agency 6 July 2022: Episode 3 & 4 on BBC Three 11

In November 2014, 21-year-old Fri Martin killed her childhood sweetheart and the father of her children, Kyle Farrell, following an argument in her kitchen in Toxteth, Liverpool. At her trial six months later, Fri claimed she was acting in self-defence. According to her, Kyle had attempted to strangle her before she picked up a kitchen knife and stabbed him in the heart. But the jury unanimously convicted Fri of murder, and she was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 13 years.

Now, Fri is appealing her conviction on the basis of fresh evidence pointing to abuse in the couple’s relationship and the impact it may have had on Fri’s mental state at the time of the killing. With privileged access to the couple’s family and friends, this intimate film follows both sides in the tense run up to the appeal. The stakes are high: Kyle’s family want Fri to stay behind bars, while Fri’s family are desperately fighting for her freedom, believing she had no intention of killing Kyle.

Charting this remarkable case as it unfolds from the inside, this multi-perspective film explores what really went on in Fri and Kyle’s relationship through those that knew them best. Tackling important questions about domestic abuse and guilt, it asks: could Fri be a victim as well as a killer? Or were her actions indefensible?

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