BBQ Brawl Season 4 Howdy Again, Texas! Airs July 15 2024 on Food Network

Get ready for the smoky, savory flavors of “BBQ Brawl” as it returns for its fourth season with the exciting episode titled “Howdy Again, Texas!” Airing at 7:30 PM on Monday, July 15, 2024, on Food Network, this episode introduces twelve new contenders eager to showcase their barbecue skills. The competition heats up as these talented pitmasters step into the Texas arena, ready to impress the esteemed captains: Bobby Flay, Sunny Anderson, and Michael Voltaggio.

The contestants kick things off by serving up sliders packed with their signature flavors. Each bite promises to be a burst of unique tastes, as the contenders strive to make a lasting impression on the captains. But the real challenge begins when they have to cook up a surf and turf dish that will wow the judges. This combination of land and sea will test their versatility and creativity on the grill.

With high stakes and fierce competition, “Howdy Again, Texas!” is set to deliver mouthwatering moments and intense culinary battles. The captains’ expertise and the contestants’ determination make this an episode barbecue enthusiasts won’t want to miss. Tune in to see who will rise to the occasion and who will get smoked out. Don’t miss the fiery action on “BBQ Brawl” this Monday night!

Release Date & Time: 7:30 PM Monday 15 July 2024 on Food Network

BBQ Brawl Howdy Again, Texas! Cast – Season 4

Main Cast
Bobby Flay
Anne Burrell
Sunny Anderson

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