Beechgrove 12 August 2022: Episode 19 on BBC Two

Beechgrove 12 August 2022: Episode 19 on BBC Two 11

Carole Baxter is joined at Beechgrove by Diana Yates. Beechgrove has been following Diana at her pretty and productive patch in West Linton, but this week she is visiting Beechgrove and shows Carole the age-old technique of braiding garlic.

Kirsty Wilson joins volunteers of a dog rehoming centre in West Calder to help revamp a garden that really has gone to the dogs. In this first stage of the project, Kirsty and the volunteers decide how to design a retirement garden for old dogs.

We also travel to Wishaw to visit the garden of Kimberly Light. Kimberley’s small garden is full of plants that she has grown from seed and are to be used for cut flowers, which she then turns into creative arrangements for friends and family.

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