Beechgrove 30 September 2022: Episode 26 on BBC Two

Beechgrove 30 September 2022: Episode 26 on BBC Two 11

It’s the last show of a fabulous growing season, and there’s a team of gardeners on hand at Beechgrove to give more great advice and also to look back at how the Beechgrove garden, and their own gardens, have performed.

Carole Baxter, George Anderson, Calum Clunie and Kirsty Wilson are all on hand with more great tips. Calum is putting the finishing touches to his new garden at Beechgrove, Kirsty is planting bulbs for some great spring colour, George will have some great growing advice, and Carole will be revealing the results of the giant tattie competition.

There’s a visit to East Lothian to find out how Diana Yates’ garden, and some of the seeds and plants we saw her get started earlier in the season, have performed in this dry summer, and there will be handy hints covering lots of autumn and winter jobs that can get done before Beechgrove returns next year.

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  1. Janine Syrudwick says:

    What bulbs did George plant in his large flower pot?

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