Beechgrove 5 August 2022: Episode 18 on BBC Two

Beechgrove 5 August 2022: Episode 18 on BBC Two 11

In this episode, Carole visits one of the gardeners that Beechgrove has been following across the series. Deborah Peterson has a medium-sized garden in Aberdeen, and so far we have seen her growing seeds she has salvaged from kitchen waste and creating a wildflower area on her lawn. Carole catches up with Deborah, advising for the rest of the growing season.

Meanwhile, Calum is back on his own allotment for an update on caring for dahlias and protecting roses, all of which he hopes will produce prize-winning blooms later in the year.

George has more from his garden, and there is the regular catch-up from the programme’s Beechgrowers – gardeners from across Scotland coping with a variety of conditions.

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