Bow Madness Episode 3 Men Of Many Hats Airs July 16 2024 on OUTD

Get ready for an exciting episode of “Bow Madness” airing on OUTD at 4:00 PM on Tuesday, July 16, 2024. Titled “Men Of Many Hats,” this episode delves into the world of the Drury brothers’ farmhands, showcasing three of Mark and Matt’s trusted team members as they take on the challenge of hunting mature whitetails.

Viewers can expect a unique perspective as these seasoned farmhands step into the spotlight, demonstrating their skills and passion for hunting. The episode promises thrilling moments as they navigate the rugged terrain and employ their hunting tactics to pursue elusive whitetails.

As the Drury’s go-to-guys, these farmhands bring their diverse experiences and knowledge to the hunt, adding a personal touch to the show’s narrative. Their camaraderie and dedication to the hunt reflect the essence of “Bow Madness,” where every hunt is an adventure filled with anticipation and the thrill of the chase.

For fans of outdoor hunting and captivating storytelling, “Men Of Many Hats” offers an engaging blend of action-packed hunting scenes and personal stories from the Drury brothers’ farmhands. Tune in to OUTD at 4:00 PM to witness their journey and experience the thrill of the hunt firsthand.

Release Date & Time: 4:00 PM Tuesday 16 July 2024 on OUTD

Bow Madness Men Of Many Hats Cast – Episode 3

Main Cast

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