Bradford on Duty “On the Edge” 30 June 2022: Episode 4 on BBC Two

Gardeners' World 7 July 2022: Episode 14 on BBC Two 11

With access to the frontline workers patrolling the streets all the way up to the leaders making strategic decisions in the City Hall, this episode follows those who are determined to help some of Bradford’s most vulnerable residents, including victims of domestic violence and those struggling with alcohol addiction.

With a 150% rise in domestic abuse cases since 2015, particularly among the homeless population, and budget cuts for the council’s alcohol recovery services, the situation is a difficult one for both police and council workers.

About Bradford on Duty

With access to Bradford’s district nurses, police and council workers, this series takes viewers to the heart of northern England and follows the people dedicated to making their city a better place.

This show is broadcast on BBC Two, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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