Bradford on Duty “The Next Generation” 23 June 2022: Episode 3 on BBC Two

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More than 28% of Bradford’s residents are under 18s, a higher proportion than any other city in the UK, leading council chiefs to proudly proclaim it to be Britain’s youngest city. But overseeing such a young population also brings challenges – particularly when Bradford’s child poverty rate is double the national average and youth services have been cut by 73% in the last decade.

This episode follows the police, fire service, community groups and councillors as they battle to protect Bradford from antisocial behaviour and work with the community to improve relationships.

About Bradford on Duty

With access to Bradford’s district nurses, police and council workers, this series takes viewers to the heart of northern England and follows the people dedicated to making their city a better place.

This show is broadcast on BBC Two, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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