Britain’s Dog Poo Scandal 16 June 2022: Thursday on Channel 5

Britain's Dog Poo Scandal 16 June 2022: Thursday on Channel 5 11Alexis Conran and his faithful canine companion Gelmer head to the fields and sidewalks to explore the dog poo epidemic plaguing the United Kingdom. Along the way, Alexis will chat with vigilantes and activists who are working to solve the problem. He also looks at if the condition is caused in part by the dogs’ meals. And, using data obtained exclusively from the BBC, he discovers which section of the UK has the most complaints about dog poo.

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  1. Helen McDowall says:

    Human emotion of disgust is a leftover instinct evolved to keep us safe from potentially contaminated things that cause illness and death. Contact with contaminated things is also a cause for shame. People vary in their ability to overcome these default tendencies . Littering and dog poo littering needs to be rethought so that desirable behaviour is facilitated using a variety of interventions. Reactance, associated with poor sense of control is associated with poverty and the level of difficulty placed in the way of compliance. This is why some people ‘protest’ leaving litter and leaving dog poo even when there are bins and why non compliance has a socio- economic contribution.

  2. Nick Avery says:

    I have part of the solution to this horrible problem. I would like an opportunity to have a chat. Please feel free to contact me 07415764450

  3. We have been looking at this in the area where we live and also Paws on Plastic a world wide group who was created by Marion Montgomery in Scotland and local groups of dog owners are working together the laws which were created by local councils in the UK have not worked due to lack of fines being issued, bins being removed in popular areas, The flick and stick advice given only lead to more people leaving it, and bio degradable bags mislead people into thinking it left they will simply disappear. WE know its a small majority of dog owners who fail to pick up and bin it, but their are so many more who daily keep beaches, parks, gardens and open spaces, safe for everyone.
    I have a Facebook Page with groups attached one of our aims is to help fellow dog owners with offers of bags, where to bin bagged and tied dog poo bags. We would like to see a more eco friendly solution to the disposal of bags, at the moment too many are entering landfill sites. Having to take them home is ok as long as you don’t have to travel on public transport, I know there are bags you can pop your bags into to seal the smell in. My dogs are fed a raw diet, its easier to pick up, is healthier for my dogs, they are 13 and 15. I’ve been picking up after my dogs since 1980 and when I think about the amount of plastic involved, we really do need a solution, I favour the cardboard bags you can put into a machine which when you turn a handle produces a light.

  4. Helen Smith says:

    Please can you do a documentary on cat poo. Just as much of a health risk and owners take no responsibility whatsoever

    • Nick Avery says:

      Channel 5. I watch Britain Dog Poo Scandal and I have part of the solution to this horrible problem around Britain and the USA and other Countries. It seem that every body moans and complains but not a lot is done about it. My solution is The Pawfectbag. Made in Britain, water resistant practical plus versatile. The Pawfectbag has 2 x Pockets 1st pocket is for clean poo bags treats lead etc. The 2rd pocket is for Full Poo Bags So you will never forget anything when walking the dog/dogs. When out with thew dog if you have a Pawfectbag there is NO temptation or reason to not pick up after your dog and No reason to leave Full Poo Bags laying or hanging in trees or bushes. The bag is smart and easy to use. And the best bit. Once you arrive home, open the dustbin. Place the flap of bag from the front to the back. Pinch the 1st pocket with your finger. Turn the Pawfectbag upside down and let gravity help you. Once the Full Poo Bag have fallen into the bin check the pockets. And if the pockets are dirty Just remove them, Turn them inside out, wash them, allow them to dry. Once dry replace them back into the Pawfectbag. Please could some one call me to have a chat as the Pawfectbag will help keep Britain clean from the abhorrent issue. I have started but Channel 5 could be a leader is pointing doggy people in the right direction. Please feel free to call me on 07415764450. Kind regards Nick

  5. Sarah Broomfield says:

    It I’d disgusting dangerous and downright lazy . In surrey a certain walking area has I stalled TREES to help with the bags and I have a picture and would lovecto send them to you.

  6. John says:

    What I would like to see is somebody in a blindfold with dog poo on their shoe having to clean it off with their nose right up to the shoe just like any blind or visually impaired person who stands in it when the same irresponsible dog owner do not pick it up.

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