Bump 11 May 2022: Wednesday on BBC Three

Bump 11 May 2022: Wednesday on BBC Three 11

Driftwood – Series 1 Episode 7 of 10 – After a rejection, Santi goes back to his old ways with Vince. Dom and Angie start to grow used to their separated status. Oly begins to feel like her new family is falling apart.

The Strange Situation – Series 1 Episode 8 of 10 – Santi and Oly try to fix things, while Oly has a shock about her parents. Angie and Matias face up to some realities about their own relationship.

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When ambitious teen Oly winds up pregnant, the two families must deal with unintended consequences, unwelcome new relatives, and the surprise complications that ensue.

This show is broadcast on BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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