Caught! Season 1 Episode 29 The Friendly Skies Airs May 9 2024 on Discovery

Get ready to soar to new heights of laughter with the latest episode of “Caught!” Season 1 Episode 29, titled “The Friendly Skies,” takes viewers on a hilarious journey through the world of airborne comedy. Premiering on Discovery at 9:31 PM on Thursday, May 9, 2024, this episode promises to elevate the humor to new levels.

From outrageous in-flight antics to unexpected mishaps at 30,000 feet, “The Friendly Skies” showcases a collection of clips from around the world that will have audiences laughing out loud. Whether it’s clumsy passengers, quirky flight attendants, or unexpected encounters in the air, this episode has something for everyone.

So buckle up and prepare for takeoff as “Caught!” brings you the funniest moments from the friendly skies. Don’t miss out on the laughter and join in on the airborne comedy extravaganza, airing on Discovery at 9:31 PM on Thursday, May 9, 2024.

Release Date & Time: 9:31 PM Thursday 9 May 2024 on Discovery

Caught! The Friendly Skies Cast – Season 1 Episode 29

Main Cast

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