Charles: Our New King 2 November 2022: Wednesday on ITV

Charles: Our New King 2 November 2022: Wednesday on ITV 11

At the beginning of a new era for the country, the new King, Charles III, is taking on the role he has been waiting for all his life.

Authored by Tom Bradby, this considered and compelling documentary explores the life and times of King Charles III – from his birth in 1948, his childhood before he became the heir apparent in 1952, and his life as the Prince of Wales.

The programme will reveal details about the life he led in that time, its high points and its controversies – and about the man he has become.

The film speaks to people who know him well – his close friends, those who worked with him in his younger years, and the people who have helped him with the causes he cherishes. 

King Charles’ life so far has been seen by some as a quest to carve meaning from seven decades of waiting.

His has been the longest apprenticeship.

The Queen took the throne when she was 25.

Charles is taking up the role as the best prepared monarch the country has ever had and the oldest to become King.

Bradby looks at how he has set about defining himself and explores what sort of King he might be. 

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