Cooking Buddies Season 1 Episode 4 Taye FC Airs July 17 2024 on CBBC

Get ready for a tasty and creative episode of “Cooking Buddies” airing at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, July 17, 2024, on CBBC. In this fun-filled episode, Buddy teams up with street artist Taye for a culinary adventure that promises to delight young viewers and food enthusiasts alike.

Taye brings his artistic flair to the kitchen as he joins Buddy to cook up a homemade crispy chicken fakeaway. Together, they explore flavors and techniques to create a delicious and satisfying dish that kids and families can easily replicate at home.

The episode is not just about cooking; it’s also about friendship and creativity. As Buddy and Taye collaborate in the kitchen, they share laughs, stories, and their passion for both art and food. Viewers can expect a blend of cooking tips, artistic inspiration, and the joy of discovering new flavors.

“Cooking Buddies” continues to inspire young chefs and food lovers with its engaging format and relatable hosts. Whether you’re a budding chef or simply enjoy trying out new recipes, this episode promises to be a delightful mix of food, fun, and friendship. Don’t miss out on the culinary excitement—tune in to CBBC for “Cooking Buddies” on July 17th.

Release Date & Time: 6:00 PM Wednesday 17 July 2024 on CBBC

Cooking Buddies Taye FC Cast – Season 1 Episode 4

Main Cast

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