Countryfile “Cotsworld Seasonal Hub Summer” 26 June 2022: Sunday on BBC One

Eastenders 7 July 2022: Thursday on BBC One 11

Charlotte Smith is back in the Cotswolds on Adam’s farm to find out how he’s getting on with his plan to try out regenerative farming, the big new trend in British agriculture. As well as catching up with his farmer neighbour David Wilson, who is showing him the ropes, Adam also meets a robot that could one day eliminate the need for pesticides. Charlotte visits an innovator in Wiltshire who is recycling waste into fertiliser that could help farmers battling sky-high prices. But how realistic is the shift to regen farming for farmers like Adam, and with the war in Ukraine, is this the right time to try it?

About Countryfile

Stories are shared of the people, places and issues at the heart of the British countryside. Popular features include the programme’s photography contest, which culminates in a yearly calendar sold to benefit charity, the Video Diary, produced by viewers and focused on life in rural areas, and the weather forecasts.

This show is broadcast on BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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