Countryfile “Ramble” 6 November 2022: Sunday on BBC One

Countryfile "Ramble" 6 November 2022: Sunday on BBC One 11

It’s the big ramble for BBC Children in Need as our presenters step out to meet some inspirational young people and to discover how they have been helped by the charity.

Matt Baker is in Northern Ireland with Saul, aged 12, who has a rare form of dwarfism and an unquenchable thirst for adventure, enabled by CiN support. From canoeing to abseiling in the worst of weathers, nothing deters Saul, and there’s a surprise or two to keep him going.

Anita Rani is in Wales on a testing ramble up Pumlumon – the highest peak of the Cambrian Mountains – with 11-year-old Riley, who has a rare lung condition. In North Yorkshire, Charlotte Smith joins Isabella, aged 10, and her special assistance dog, Storm, for a walk and a day on the farm. Isabella is autistic, and Storm has helped to change her life.

In Scotland, Margherita Taylor is with 13-year-old Megan and her brother Euan, aged 15, to discover how they were helped to cope with the tragic death of their best friend who took his own life. And ramble master John Craven is at Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire – one of his favourite walking spots – to catch up with ramblers from all over the UK to find out their favourite haunts and how they’re helping to support Children in Need.

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Stories are shared of the people, places and issues at the heart of the British countryside. Popular features include the programme’s photography contest, which culminates in a yearly calendar sold to benefit charity, the Video Diary, produced by viewers and focused on life in rural areas, and the weather forecasts.

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