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  1. Rick Aneq says:

    I believe the victim committed murder suicide
    Why would she call her brother and mom and not 911 where allegedly the shooter in the home and nobody can hear anything on the other side of the phone

  2. Reba says:

    The idea that the jury convicted Pete is ridiculous. It sounds as if the police really didn’t even do an investigation. How scary for us all. Anyone could accuse you of a crime and once the police set their site on you, you could be thrown in jail, convicted and sentenced all without any evidence. Their whole case was set on Randy just saying Pete was in the house. Why didn’t they investigate Randy. Maybe he killed them.

  3. Reba says:

    How can this happen in America! Being convicted with no evidence, based on a call that wasn’t recorded, and a statement from a jailhouse snitch. REALLY? I think they should have investigate the brother of the victim. Pete should sue the crap out of the system that failed him. Pete lost all those years with his family. Scary to think that any one of us could be Pete.

  4. John says:

    During the show I kept wondering the woman had gunshot residue on her hands. That would prove she killed herself. How could this be missed by police and coroner. As it turns out the police knew and did not divulge to defense. The coroner admitted his error in calling it a murder homicide but this after Pete spend 10+ years in jail. The prosecutor claimed the woman had no motive for suicide. A semi competent defense attorney should have been able to prove motive with the woman’s stealing money from Pete’s father and also stealing money from her work. She was hopelessly and desperately in debt. The defense attorney for the first 2 trials did a terrible job. I understand that the prosecutor withheld evidence that would have exonerated Pete, but an attorney should have been able to present a far better case despite that. So sad. Pete lost 10+ years of his life in prison but at least he got to be exonerated and spend a 100 days with family before dying. I hope the prosecutor does some jail time over this but it will never happen. Kudos to the new DA and his administration.

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