Dinosaur – 7 June 2021 – 7/6/2021 – Monday – BBC

Nina is autistic, but yet to be diagnosed. She has always felt different – and is often made to feel it by her family. But Nina finds happiness in the world thanks to her love of paleontology, and she spends all the time she can indulging in the exhibitions on dinosaurs and fossils at the local museum. Yet when her bubbly younger sister Evie asks Nina to be her maid of honour, Nina decides to step out of her comfort zone with a challenge: to find herself a date to bring to the wedding. Nina has never been too bothered by dating before, but after her sister’s engagement, she’s curious: what’s the big fuss all about? If everyone says love is so difficult, why does everyone want it all the time? She’s determined to find out for herself once and for all.

Tackling the terrors of dating apps, and armed with make-up tips and unintended pick-up lines from Evie and the internet, Nina pursues a date with nerdy but endearing Lee. After a bumpy start, the pair soon hit it off over a common love of fan fiction, and Nina even agrees to send Lee some of her own work. However, things quickly start to get confusing when Nina finds Lee doesn’t seem quite as interested in chatting after the date ends.

Smarting from unanswered texts and feeling slightly sidelined at Evie’s engagement party, Nina decides to confide in her older brother Bo for advice. However, the recently dumped Bo quickly makes his feelings known that Nina is way out of her depth; the trials and tribulations of dating are not worth her time. Nina is frustrated. When everyone else is lying and playing games, why does it feel like she’s the odd one out in the dating charade?

When Nina bumps into Lee on her way home, will she take her brother’s advice, or will she be herself and let Lee know exactly how she feels? Could Nina shake up the unspoken rules of modern dating, or is her foray into romance about to get even more confusing.

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