Duncanville May 8 2022: ‘Clothes and Dagger’ on Fox

Duncanville May 8 2022: 'Clothes and Dagger' on Fox 4At 7:30pm ET on Sunday May 8 2022, Fox broadcasts the new “Clothes and Dagger” episode of “Duncanville”  where Duncan gets a knife and becomes the alpha of his friend group. 

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Clothes and Dagger – Season 3, Episode 2 – Duncan gets a knife and becomes the alpha of his friend group. Meanwhile, Jack and Annie discover they can sell their clothes online.

Voice Cast: Voice Cast: Amy Poehler as Duncan and Annie, Ty Burrell as Jack, Riki Lindhome as Kimberly, Betsy Sodaro as Bex, Yassir Lester as Yangzi, Zach Cherry as Wolf, Joy Osmanski as Jing, Rashida Jones as Mia, Wiz Khalifa as Mr. Mitch

Guest Voice Cast: Jessica Simpson as Herself, Jake Tapper as Himself, Jess McKenna as Teenage Boy #2, Curves Woman, Female Hipster, Natalie Palamides as Tim/Ankle Bracelet Kid 1, Aseem Batra as Curves Woman #1, Jerron Horton as Mail Carrier/Darth Vader, Nick Mandernach as Teenage Boy #1, Ankle Bracelet Kid 2, Joy Osmanski as Maggie Haberman, Yassir Lester as Male Hipster, Aaron Lee as German Creep.

About Duncanville

“Duncanville” is centered around a spectacularly average 15-year-old boy with a rich fantasy life, and the people in his world. Like most 15-year-olds, Duncan can see adulthood on the horizon: money, freedom, cars and girls; but the reality is more like: always being broke, driving with one’s mom sitting shotgun and babysitting one’s sister. He’s not exceptional, but he has a wild imagination in which he’s never anything less than amazing. Duncan’s mom, Annie, a parking enforcement officer who dreams of someday being a detective, lives in perpetual fear that her teenage son is one bad decision away from ruining his life and will do anything to stop him from doing so. Duncan’s father, Jack, is a classic-rock-obsessed plumber who’s determined to be a better dad than the one he had. Duncan’s 12-year-old sister, Kimberly, is awkward, emotional and can hold grudges forever, while waiting patiently for revenge. She’s all emotions all the time and nobody’s problems are bigger than hers.

This show is broadcast on Fox, also known as the Fox Broadcasting Company.

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