Eastenders 28 July 2022: Thursday on BBC One

Eastenders 28 July 2022: Thursday on BBC One 11

Zack and Ben come to blows. Gossip spreads like wildfire in the Square. Lily’s plan doesn’t go down well with Kat.

Ben continues to head down a dangerous path. Sam’s plan is at risk. Lola and Jay have some explaining to do.

About Eastenders

The venerable soap opera focuses on the residents of the fictional London borough of Walford.

Residents of Albert Square in London’s East End deal with life, love and loss. The popular soap opera focuses on family relationships and a sense of belonging in the community, and has been known to tackle hard-hitting topics such as rape, racial prejudice, unemployment, euthanasia and homosexuality.

This show is broadcast on BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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