Eat Well for Less? 26 May 2022: Series 8 Episode 2 on BBC One

Eat Well for Less? 26 May 2022: Series 8 Episode 2 on BBC One 11

Series 8 Episode 2 of 6 – This time, Chris Bavin and Jordan Banjo are helping a family of five from West Drayton. Liston and Preety Clarke are parents to 15-year-old Teyha, eight-year-old Jorja and seven-year-old Dylan. Being of Indian heritage, Preety feels her culture and upbringing has influenced how they shop. With a well-stocked pantry, food is readily available, but planning meals and getting everyone to eat the same food is where she faces her biggest challenge. The kids love to snack on sweet treats, and with a pantry full of temptation, it’s hard to resist. Filling up on snacks means they often refuse to eat the healthy food Preety cooks for them. For an easy life and to keep everyone happy, she often resorts to meals she knows they’ll eat – takeaways! Fast food and sugary snacks aren’t great, but for Preety it’s more serious as she has diabetes. It’s a condition that runs in the family, and she worries that the children will follow in her footsteps. The overflowing pantry, mountains of snacks and regular takeaways are all adding up, and with the family now having to get by on one salary, they need help to get their spending and eating habits under control.

Chris tackles the children’s snacking habits and uses shock tactics to show Preety and Liston just how much sugar the kids consume. Jordan wants to get the kids eating more veg and hopes his rainbow pizza will convince them. In the Eat Well kitchen, Jordan reveals some surprising facts about the sugar content of some of our favourite toast toppings, and Chris shows Jordan a great recipe he’s sure the Clarke family would enjoy, honeycomb pasta cake.

About Eat Well for Less?

This series addresses the issue of rising food prices, looking at how they are affecting both finances and eating habits. Is it possible to eat on a lower budget without compromising on quality? Exploring two theories are master chef Gregg Wallace and award-winning greengrocer Chris Bavin. Gregg and Chris travel around the UK meeting busy families struggling to eat well on a budget. They watch what the families buy and eat over the course of a week, and then offer suggestions on how they can change their habits to be healthier, cut food waste, save money, and enjoy conflict free meal times.

This show is broadcast on BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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