Extraordinary Portraits “Amar Stewart” 25 July 2022: Series 2 Episode 6 on BBC One

Extraordinary Portraits "Amar Stewart" 25 July 2022: Series 2 Episode 6 on BBC One 11

Award-winning painter Laura Quinn Harris is famous for the amount of detail she puts into her works. Laura started life in academia before finding her creative side, something that links her to her sitter – inspirational rapping teacher Christian, who went viral when 50 Cent shared a clip of him performing in front of a class.

Laura’s meticulous portraits take hundreds of hours to complete, but before she can begin, she needs to see Christian in action, taking his blend of accessible teaching and mental health awareness into the classrooms. She wants to portray Christian’s many sides in a single painting, but will her love for visual pattern and his love for rhyme pattern create the perfect recipe for a powerful portrait?

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Series bringing portraiture into the mainstream by creatively matching people with extraordinary stories with some of the world’s most distinctive portrait artists.

This show is broadcast on BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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