Fantasy Island August 30 2022: ‘Welcome to the Snow Globe, Part One’ on Fox

Fantasy Island August 30 2022: 'Welcome to the Snow Globe, Part One' on Fox 5

On Tuesday August 30 2022 at 9pm ET, Fox broadcasts the repeat “Welcome to the Snow Globe, Part One” episode of “Fantasy Island”  where a young artist, Ramon, wants to see his mentor, Jasper, again.

Welcome to the Snow Globe, Part One – Season 1, Episode 9 – A businesswoman’s fantasy of a perfect Christmas and meeting “Mr. Right” tests Roarke in unexpected.

Cast: Roselyn Sanchez as Elena Roarke; Kiara Barnes as Ruby Akuda

Guest Cast: John Gabriel Rodriquez as Javier; Lindsey Kraft as Allison Holmes; Eddie Cahill as Jake/James; Alain Uy as Richard; Geri-Nikole Love as Dr. Maya Schmidt; Mackenzie Astin as Daniel Jones.

About Fantasy Island

A modern drama series where any fantasy requested by guests is fulfilled, although they rarely turn out as expected.

This show is broadcast on Fox, also known as the Fox Broadcasting Company.

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