First Dates 12 May 2022: Thursday on Channel 4

First Dates 12 May 2022: Thursday on Channel 4 11

Welsh hairdresser Jess wants a man who’s a cut above the rest. Charity shop manager Casey has his dream white wedding all mapped out. But is his date husband material? (S13 Ep6) 

About First Dates

`First Dates’ is a dating show with a twist that takes advantage of modern forms of dating. Each episode documents a number of couples having dinner in a unique restaurant in which everyone is on a first date. Viewers see the daters from the moment they meet until the meal is over, sharing the highs of lows of each couple’s date. At the end of each date, the couple talks candidly about the experience and answers the question everybody has: will the daters see each other again?

This show is broadcast on Channel 4.

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