Floodlights 17 May 2022: Tuesday on BBC Two

Floodlights 17 May 2022: Tuesday on BBC Two 11The powerful and inspiring story of Andy Woodward, one of the first footballers to come forward with allegations of sexual abuse in the national game.

The film explores how a coach like Barry Bennell can groom players and families, on the promise of a dream. His success and charisma protected him from scrutiny in an industry that prizes winning over everything else. But by finding the courage to speak out, Andy opened the door for other victims to follow him, driven by his desire for redemption and justice and his need to take back what Bennell had stolen from him.

As Andy said, ‘we were the best team in the land, and the most damaged team in the land’. At the last count, nearly 1000 separate allegations of abuse have been made against more than 300 alleged abusers in a scandal that continues to send shockwaves through the sport and the country today.

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