Food Unwrapped’s Healthy Hacks 25 July 2022: Monday on Channel 4

Food Unwrapped's Healthy Hacks 25 July 2022: Monday on Channel 4 11

The team take a good look at ‘superfoods’. Do pomegranates help Alzheimer’s? Can rosemary increase focus for teens at exam time? Will kefir improve mood? Plus: histamines in food. 

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What really goes into the food that you eat? That’s an important question that not everyone thinks about when doing the grocery shopping. `Food Unwrapped’ sets out to answer this question, as its team of hosts travel across the world to discover how popular food is mass produced. The programme tries to get answers from supermarkets and food producers, but when those attempts fall short, the team do whatever is necessary to find out. Heading inside factories, the inquisitive foodies meet scientists, factory owners, growers and producers to reveal information about food that is largely unknown to most people.

This show is broadcast on Channel 4.

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  1. Jeannette Smith says:

    I found the item on histamine intolerance very interesting as I have struggled with digestive problems for a number of years and ticked almost all the boxes for histamibe intolerance having suffered with ibs migraines headaches panic attacks eptopic heartbeat and so on. I take prescribed antihistamines nasal spray and inhaler for asthma and post nasal drip but had little idea of the impact of histamine in my food. When I watched the programme last night it all tied in with what I’ve been living with for the past 30 years!! I am now researching low histamine veggie foods. I had the worst flare up of ibs last week for a long while so the programme came at a very useful time for me…I’ve never watched it before so it was a revelation! Thank you so much.

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