George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces 4 March 2022: Friday on Channel 4

George Clarke's Amazing Spaces 4 March 2022: Friday on Channel 4 11

George and Will Hardie embark on a nautical journey to build a beach home that can sleep four people and float in a special episode. They only have six square metres to work with, though. A high-end cottage in Dorset, an inventive space-saving houseboat in Germany, and a ‘half home’ in London serve as inspiration for the two, but their design efforts are anything from straightforward.

About George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

In this series architect George Clarke explores the small and beautiful as he travels around Britain discovering unique builds. In each episode, Clarke visits properties where the owners have made the most of their spaces by incorporating ingenious design. Armed with a budget, the architect creates dream homes for households seeking expert help for their small spaces. At a time where cities are becoming overpopulated and housing is unaffordable, more and more people are sharing living quarters or are unable to move. Therefore Clarke shows homeowners how to adapt their home using modern techniques in order to meet their needs.

This show is broadcast on Channel 4.

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