Go Veggie and Vegan with Matt Tebbutt 13 January 2022: Thursday on Channel 5

Season 1, Episode 1 – Inspirational dishes to encourage anyone who wants to eat more vegetables and less meat while still enjoying their favourite foods. Matt begins with a vegetarian take on one of Britain’s favourite dishes, spaghetti bolognese. He demonstrates the secret to all Italian sauces, the sofrito, and prepares the rich sauce with red wine and plum tomatoes, topped with butter and parmesan, using chopped mushrooms and walnuts to add texture and flavour.

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This show is broadcast on Channel 5.

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19 Responses

  1. Maitrinandi says:

    Veggie bolognese with Parmesan! I’ve never managed to find a veggie Parmesan.
    But good on him for presenting a veggie cooking programme. Long needed.

  2. Ms Tracy Goffin says:

    Just watching the first show, I’d like to point out that parmisan cheese is not veggie or vegan, it had animal rennet in it. This should have been made clear on the show.

  3. Julie Wheeler says:

    WTF? Parmesan is not vegetarian, let alone vegan!!!! It’s made with rennet!!!

  4. Jackie Westland says:

    Parmesan is not vegetarian, Matt should state this in his show. For some vegans honey is not acceptable. These give the general public false information about vegetarianism and veganism. Also some of the ingredients used are expensive and may not encourage people to try recipes. Very disappointing

  5. Jellibeen says:

    I hate it when cooks say their food is delicious, they’re hardly going to say it tastes awful. Why not let others decide?

  6. Joanne O'Connor says:

    I thought this was fab! I appreciate the ‘vegan’ stance on honey and Parmesan but the program is vegetarian and vegan and he clearly states which meals are which! My omni husband is inspired to try the food and that is a winner for me! Thanks Matt! Great recipes! (My husband loves the Richmond sausages too)!

    • Joanne O'Connor says:

      Just re read comments – I apologise for missing the parmigiana issue, I use vegan so thought it was vegi!

  7. Christine wood says:

    A very interesting show but I think it would be good if he stated that the wine they was using is vegan as not everyone knows wine isn’t usually vegan and could unwittingly use any white wine without checking it

  8. Janet says:

    Is parmesan cheese vegan

  9. Nick says:

    I am surprised that Matt doesn’t know that parmesan cheese is not even vegetarian let alone vegan. It is made with rennet, obtained from calfs stomach.

  10. Shirley Dickie says:

    Is there a print out of the recipes in the series

  11. Minnie says:

    Really disappointing that Matt’s first recipe on this Vegan/vegetarian show includes lashings of Parmesan. Clearly he has no understanding of the frustrations of vegetarians and lacks fundamental basic knowledge of vegetarian/vegan cooking ingredients. They should have got a vegetarian/vegan chef to present the show, would have been much more credible.

  12. Soapylil says:

    Even there was non vegetarian/vegan items used on the program it’s easy now to find vegan ones , but a great program to get people transferred over to a much better cruelty free diet .

  13. Jane Walker says:

    Matt said you can find the recipes at channel5.com/veg – you can’t !!!

  14. Lynne Galley says:

    Matt’s first recipe was vegetarian bolognaise but he used Parmesan which is not vegetarian. He should have mentioned an alternative.

  15. Alan says:

    A recipe would be nice!

  16. Jane Sanderson says:

    Where are the recipes?? The programme doesn’t tell you the quantities of ingredients!

  17. Norma Amies says:

    Was really looking forward to this BUT recipes too complicated for the everyday person

  18. Jean says:

    Annoying, intrusive, awful, loud background music. Why is it needed?

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