Gogglebox 2021 26 July 2022: Tuesday on Channel 4

Gogglebox 2021 26 July 2022: Tuesday on Channel 4 11

Gogglebox 2021. What do Britain’s favourite TV viewers think of 2021’s biggest shows, from Squid Game to Strictly and Line of Duty? Including the Siddiqui family, Giles and Mary, and Jenny and Lee. 

About Gogglebox

`Gogglebox’ is a series where regular people are filmed in their own homes while watching the highest-rated shows on British television. Each week, the recurring participants – families, friends and couples – are caught on camera with their reactions sharing their candid and often hilarious take on familiar entertainment shows and classic films. Each episode features the best and worst UK programming of the previous week. From their sofas, these opinionated viewers review everything that comes their way.

This show is broadcast on Channel 4.

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