Grand Crew March 8 2022: ‘Wine & Art’ on NBC

Grand Crew March 8 2022: 'Wine & Art' on NBC 2On Tuesday March 8 2022 at 8:30pm ET, NBC broadcasts the new “Wine & Art” episode of “Grand Crew”.

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Wine & Art – Season 1, Episode 10 – Wyatt gets into an art show and asks Sherm to be his subject. Noah doesn’t know if Simone is ready to take the next step, but Nicky has a plan. Fay teaches Anthony some dance moves. And there’s wine.

About Grand Crew

From Phil Augusta Jackson (writer/producer/director, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”) and Dan Goor (creator, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”) comes a new comedy that proves life is better with your crew. This group of young professionals are all trying to navigate the ups and downs of life and love in Los Angeles, and they always find time to gather at their favorite bar to “wine down” and unpack it all. There’s Noah, a hopeless romantic too eager to settle down; Nicky, a go-getter in real estate who’s adventurous in romance; Sherm, a low-key genius who plays the dating odds; Anthony, whose true love is his career; Wyatt, who’s relieved to be married and out of the dating scene; and Fay, who’s recently divorced and looking to start fresh in LA. And just like wine, their friendship gets better with time.

The cast includes Nicole Byer, Justin Cunningham, Aaron Jennings, Echo Kellum, Grasie Mercedes and Carl Tart.

This show is broadcast on NBC, also known as the National Broadcasting Company.

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