Hire Me: Competing for a Dream Job “Luxury Property Broker” 21 September 2022: Episode 1 on BBC Three

Hire Me: Competing for a Dream Job "Luxury Property Broker" 21 September 2022: Episode 1 on BBC Three 11Our host and fairy job mother Snoochie is in Manchester, as the job search is on for a luxury property broker.

At the Selling Sunset style property agency, boss Dan is looking for a raw recruit who he can mentor to sell multi-million-pound houses to the super rich. Snoochie Shy serves up three promising young candidates, who would love to break into property: ex-perfume seller Alisha, flamboyant support worker Leon and food entrepreneur Ellie. All are hoping to impress their future potential boss and win themselves their dream job.

In their first challenge, the candidates must meet a prospective celebrity client and try to win their business. Unfortunately for the candidates, their client is the formidable Rob Rinder.

Their second challenge ups the ante even further, as the candidates are each asked to lead a viewing for a £10 million Cheshire mansion. But selling a multi-million-pound dream home isn’t as easy as it looks…

About Hire Me: Competing for a Dream Job

Hosted by BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Snoochie Shy, Hire Me: Competing For A Dream Job offers young hopefuls the chance to break out of their ordinary lives and into their dream industry, winning the life-changing prize of a dream job.

In each episode, three candidates compete against each other in a high pressure, supersized job interview for the role of their dreams – from luxury property broker, radio producer, commercial interior designer, events planner, commercial film maker and premiere league football coach.

This show is broadcast on BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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