Hobby Man “South Wales” 26 August 2022: Episode 2 on Channel 4

Hobby Man "South Wales" 26 August 2022: Episode 2 on Channel 4 11

Alex Brooker and special guest Joe Wilkinson investigate people’s interests in South Wales. They begin in Swansea, where Morgan, a former nurse, teaches them to knit. After a rocky start, they are surprised by their newfound passion for needles and wool. Following that, Alex and Joe learn the fundamentals of fly-fishing from a member of the Welsh national fly-fishing team. Finally, the trio joins Cardiff Shooters photographers for a picture stroll around the Bay to learn on how digital editing has impacted photography.

About Hobby Man

Alex Brooker takes some of his celeb mates round the country to have a go at some of Britain’s favourite pastimes

This show is broadcast on Channel 4.

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