Holey Moley July 5 2022: ‘Is This Guy Weird?’ on ABC

Holey Moley July 5 2022: 'Is This Guy Weird?' on ABC 3

On Tuesday July 5 2022 at 8pm ET, ABC broadcasts the new “”Is This Guy Weird?” episode of “Holey Moley” where on the “Holey Moley” course, a new batch of contestants attempt to break ice at the Distractor, make their mark before the curtains close at Holeywood and step over the competition at Big Foot Wedge to earn the golden putter, coveted plaid jacket and a spot in the finals.

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Is This Guy Weird? – Season 4, Episode 9 – “Holey Moley”‘s penultimate episode, where eight contestants compete for the last spot in the finals, sees an interesting putting stance on Dutch Courage En Fuego, a loud and interesting duo on The Distractor, and Rob Riggle professing his love to Miss Piggy rom-com style. Later, Stephen Curry stops by the course to explain King Parthur’s Court, where the contestants face off in a sudden-death putt-off. Sweet Donut Hole competitors compare flavor notes before one is saved by a late drop, and the final round marks the best tee shot ever seen on The Trap-Tee-Zee. Only one competitor leaves with the golden putter, coveted plaid jacket and a chance to compete for the $250,000 prize.

About Holey Moley

Showcasing self-proclaimed mini-golf lovers from around the country as they compete head-to-head through an epic obstacle golf course. In each episode, contestants put their miniature golf — and physical — skills to the test and face off in never-before-seen challenges on a supersized miniature golf course. Rob Riggle and Joe Tessitore serve as on-camera commentators, while Jeannie Mai reports from the sideline. NBA superstar Stephen Curry serves as an executive producer and resident golf pro.

This show is broadcast on ABC, also known as the American Broadcasting Company.

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