Holmes: Next Generation – August 15 2021 – 8/15/2021 – Sunday – CTV

Nightmares and Dreams
Season 1, Episode 6
A marathon dreams of designing the perfect kitchen; she hires a contractor who is unqualified for the job and winds up compromising her home’s structure; now, it’s up to Mike and his children to make things right and restore her peace of mind.

About Holmes: Next Generation

Fans of Mike Holmes’ many home-renovation TV programs know his daughter Sherry and son Mike Jr. began working as apprentices during the latter days of “Holmes on Homes,” learning building standards and skilled trades from their contractor father. Now dad is handing over the reins for good, saying it’s time for the next generation of Holmes to step up. Armed with their dad’s strong work ethic, blunt construction advice and on-site manpower, Sherry and “Junior” take the lead to fix dysfunctional renovation projects and create family dream homes.

This show is broadcast on CTV.

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