Industry “Kitchen Season” 25 October 2022: Series 2 Episode 5 on BBC One

Industry "Kitchen Season" 25 October 2022: Series 2 Episode 5 on BBC One 11

It’s Christmas time, and Harper’s relationship with DVD is blossoming. Harper muscles in on an FX business trip to Berlin with a personal motive to find her long-lost brother. But the reality of the situation is far from what Harper expected. Yasmin is on the cusp of finally exiting the FX desk but has one last mission to hand over her relationship with Anna Gearing to Jackie. Staying in Charles’s flat brings up old memories, and Yasmin tracks down a figure from her past to get answers on her father once and for all.

About Industry

Industry follows five recent graduates with vibrant personal and professional lives as they try to become permanent hires at Pierpoint, London’s most preeminent financial institution.

This show is broadcast on BBC Two, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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