Karl Jenkins: The Composer behind the Moustache Airs July 14 2024 on BBC Four

Get ready for a captivating evening with “Karl Jenkins: The Composer behind the Moustache,” airing at 9:20 PM on Sunday, 14 July 2024, on BBC Four. This documentary pays tribute to Sir Karl Jenkins, celebrating his 80th birthday and honoring his legacy as the world’s most performed living composer.

Throughout his illustrious career, Karl Jenkins’ music has resonated deeply with audiences worldwide, transcending traditional genre boundaries and touching the hearts of millions. The film delves into Jenkins’ influences and inspirations, offering a comprehensive look at how his Welsh chapel upbringing shaped his musical journey. From Methodist hymn-singing to his innovative compositions that blend classical, jazz, and world music elements, viewers will gain insight into the diverse tapestry of his creative process.

The documentary also highlights significant milestones in Jenkins’ career, including his recent commission of a saxophone concerto for Jess Gillam. Through archival footage, interviews, and musical excerpts, “Karl Jenkins: The Composer behind the Moustache” provides a deep dive into his musical evolution and enduring impact on contemporary music.

Don’t miss this special tribute on BBC Four, where “Karl Jenkins: The Composer behind the Moustache” celebrates the life, music, and influence of a visionary composer whose work continues to inspire and captivate audiences globally. Whether you’re a longtime admirer of Jenkins’ compositions or new to his music, this documentary promises to be an enriching exploration of his remarkable career.

Release Date & Time: 9:20 PM Sunday 14 July 2024 on BBC Four

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